Our Story

“Life&Soul is a decorations company that uses water based inks and biodegradable materials to make eco party supplies that are recycled, recyclable and compostable.”
– Paul Nathan, Founder

Our founder is a dad. Three boys. They pester him, hassle him, harass him, worry him and, on occasion, they love him – especially those occasions when he arranges great birthday parties for them and their friends. But over the years something other than them troubled him and that was where our story started…

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, family get-togethers – moments that matter. Normally, he heads off in his car, polluting his way to grab loads of plastic-coated decorations and then he throws them all away a few hours later. They go into landfill and take ages to biodegrade. Even just simple balloons. Not only do they take up to 4 years to break down, they can cause real havoc on the way for the environment and wildlife alike.

So he thought enough of that, let’s make a change.  Let’s help people have everything they need to make occasions memorable with eco party supplies delivered to their home. One box to solve them all if you like.